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Networkeen aims at supporting PSIA students in making choices for their future. It acts as an intermediary between the student body and SciencesPo Career Services, as well as a vehicle to advertise student-led initiatives.


The PSIAtmosphere team is dedicated to enhancing ties between the students, celebrating the diversity of the PSIA student body and creating opportunities for all students to mix, mingle, and relax.


Int’Lab is the Student Council’s think-tank. It aims at offering material for critical thought and a platform to express one’s ideas and opinions on global issues.

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From the Int'Lab

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For a Nation to be Successful, Women must have the Opportunity to Succeed

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How impactful was Obama’s message in an auditorium packed with over 2000 students and millions more watching live on TV, focusing on religious and gender tolerance and equality in a developing nation of over 1 billion citizens?

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China’s New Silk Road Strategy

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In a 2013 speech held in Astana, Kazakhstan, President Xi Jinping unveiled his wish to revive the ancient legendary Silk Road with unexpected poetic flourish. Addressing university students, he was determined to convey a sense of the glorious past shared by China and Central Asian countries, at a time when they all benefited from their

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Embracing Asso PSIA's legacy, the Student Council aims at pursuing the mission and work of its predecessors. In doing so, we have undertaken an ambitious path in providing an additional dimension to students' lives at Sciences Po by working in collaboration with the university's Paris School of International Affairs.